ROC'ing out for 20 years.

Chicago native and consulting veteran Jan Burnham founded ROC Group in 1998 as a different kind of workforce communication consultancy. She envisioned a haven where clients would receive great service, thoughtful work and creative deliverables, free from gimmicks, cookie-cutter solutions and big overhead. Where colleagues were free to focus on deepening their expertise in the service of their clients’ toughest challenges.

The hunger to provide clients with our best thinking has led Jan – and her fellow ROCers – on a journey into the science of story, message reception and behavior design.

In the two decades since, ROC has stayed true to that original vision, enjoying steady growth and an expanding roster of client partners.


ROCers are thinkers, writers, storytellers, technologists, projects managers and business geeks. Our backgrounds include broad professional experience in corporate communications, human resources consulting, marketing and public relations. ROC continually re-invests in the skills of our people, so they can engage the hearts and minds of yours.