Our work is guided by three foundational beliefs and our TAANSA® methodology.

Employees matter.

We believe employees are an organization’s most vital – and often most overlooked – audience. No longer passive recipients of corporate messaging, today’s workforce is more connected than ever before, actively engaged in shaping the workforce experience for themselves, their colleagues and their customers. Reflecting their critical importance in your organization’s economic value, we believe workplace communications for employees and related contributors – from candidates to retirees, from front-line supervisors to seasoned executives, from full-time regulars to free-lancers and vendors – deserve as much creative innovation and communication expertise as any customer-facing challenge.

Brain science insights make a difference.

To help our clients break through the clutter, we continually challenge ourselves to understand what makes organizational communication work, both for individuals and at scale. We regularly consult with top thinkers in neuroscience, persuasive technologies, behavior change and the growing science of storytelling, so we can apply new insights to longstanding business challenges. We have compiled our learnings into a proprietary methodology we call TAANSA that helps create workplace experiences that are memorable and effective.

Experience counts.

In today’s business, employers face more challenges than ever before in engaging the workforce in those conversations that matter the most. What used to work may no longer work. Multi-generational workforces, and multi-cultural teams, require new approaches and new thinking. Our experiences make the difference. Because we know that to change how your customers experience your company, you should first consider how your employees are experiencing your company.


TAANSA® is ROC’s proprietary methodology for embedding understanding and changing behavior. We developed TAANSA to guide our work and help our clients get a return on their communication efforts.