We are a workforce experience and marketing agency on a mission. We believe effective employee engagement and change communications require both art and brain science.

At ROC Group, we shape workforce understanding, focusing on the complexities at the heart of the employee-employer relationship.

We use the science of story and the power of engagement to shape the return on your communications. Our services support the full range of the employment experience: from recruiting to retention, from values articulation to culture change, from process change to large-scale organizational transformation.


We delight in reaching the people who build an organization's economic value: current, past, future. To make sure our messages hit the mark and stick, we use our TAANSA® methodology, developed with neuro-experts in behavior and storytelling.


We partner with forward-thinking organizations who desire the best … for themselves, their employees, their customers, their communities and their shareholders. Our hunger to provide our clients with our best thinking has led us on a decades-long journey into the science of story, message reception and behavior design.


We are thinkers, writers, storytellers, technologists, project managers and business geeks … who infuse communication solutions with neuroscience insights.