Commitment to anti-racism

Jan Burnham
June 18, 2020

A Statement from ROC Group

We at ROC Group support taking a knee, raising your fist, voicing your pride and rising tall against racism and prejudice of all kinds.

In particular, during these days where so many are finding their personal moral center, we stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues and friends who have struggled for so long to be heard, and we encourage turning tough conversations into everyday action.

Black lives matter. Black socio-economic strength matters.

This is not a political stance; this is purely human. We have begun open and direct dialogue across our firm to remove bias from our work, better understand the issues of systemic racism and find new ways to support the Black community.

Jan Burnham
Jan Burnham
Founder & CEO
Founder and CEO of ROC Group, Jan Burnham, has specialized in employee communications throughout her career, focusing on change communication and complex human resources issues. A speaker and author, Jan is the architect of ROC's communication approach, organizing key learnings about how to make messages stick.