Building pride & expanding mission for urban non-profit

Their story

A Chicago-based non-profit, Asian Human Services (AHS), needed help to build pride and a greater sense of shared mission across a highly dedicated group of multilingual, multicultural experts used to focusing on individual pieces of an increasingly complex social services portfolio.

With limited internal resources, AHS needed help reaching their own staff in new ways and sharing the story of their impact with external stakeholders.

How we helped

  • All-employee values summit
  • Impact video
  • Explainer video
  • Event facilitation
  • Presentation
  • Website redesign
  • Ongoing advice and counsel


ROC provided hands-on communication support for CEO and leadership team, culminating in a first-ever, all-employee, all-day values summit, where cross-functional discussions introduced colleagues to each other and kicked off dialogue about building a shared future.


Positive reaction both internally and externally

Videos headlined the agency’s first-ever fund-raising event

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